Friday, March 28, 2008

Marty ---> Beá ---> Senyol

Something happens in an other page...


Marty Harris said...

Wow! Thank you. And , thank you for posting. You are a woman of action.

I may be one of your biggest fans. I am now the proud owner of Beá Miera crater and jet fighter art.

Beá Meira said...


Sorry, but I am afraid you arn´t my biggest fan.
I aprecciate your words, thank you.
Did you receive my Uruk mail, yesterday?

Marty Harris said...

Oh, I don't know, I will bet that at 6'1", 240 lbs. I am bigger than most of your family. I've got to be bigger than your mother. Maybe after I lose 40 lbs. there might be a bigger fan among your loved ones.

Your Uruk email is at work. I didn't have the time to answer it properly. I will do that today. I actually sent it to my wife. She loves that you employ your children to help you with your book. And we love how you painted their work. Good and clever Mom.

Beá Meira said...

I was thinking about a friend of mine that is near your size! He is really my biggest friend.
Thank for send my work to your wife!