Monday, April 14, 2008

Jill's book

Hello, everyone. I had a great time doing this book. I'm having fun doing this more graphic illustrative style. I love, love, love, drawing with ink. Jill's color under this image is so stylish. It has such a late 60's, early 70's ad illustration style that I would never have accomplished on my own. The team work is fun. Jill, I wish you would do some more in this book Your artwork is so much fun to work with. I wish everyone had the chance. Maybe we should send it back to you for more.

The overgrown urn in the forest falls later in the book. I did the ink drawing during the day on Saturday, and doodled on it that evening with ballpoint pen while watching BBC's "Sense and Sensibility" with my wife.

The book will be on its way to Brazil tomorrow.


Beá Meira said...

Really beatifull, Marty Harris!
The idea to use the same black ink that Jill had use in the second part, was very goog. You got an excellent mix language. Well, you are becoming expert of it.

Marty Harris said...

Thanks so much, Beá. I think this is one of the reasons I like this project so well, and the reason I like sketchbooks, because I can do all kinds of styles and ideas without worrying about the outcome. One day I will be a graffiti artist, the next day I may be Fragonard, or Frank Miller. This is rewarding to me.

Please, feel free to paint in any space available. Please feel free to paint on top of pieces I have done. It's time to get people to be a little less polite.

Kom-K said...

nice one, I really like this ways of drawings. continue