Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marty ---> Beá

The amazing about Marty´s pages is the powerfull lines.
It is so strong that scrape the pages.


Anna Denise said...

Nice! Very expressive!

Marty Harris said...

Can't you just smell the ink? Thanks, Bea. I have a little smudge of ink on the end of my nose.

Actually, this image represents a little change in method for me, premeditated collaging. Usually, if I cut and paste it's because I want to save a small part of another drawing and throw away the lame, unwanted bits. To cut and paste intentionally had never occured to me. Too crafty, I guess.

Bea, how do I get the mark above the "a" in your name on my keyboard? I getting tired of copying your name from old emails, and I want to write your name correctly.

I am so relieved that you and Senyol got packages I sent.