Wednesday, August 13, 2008

bea-marty-aggo-jill- senyol hurray!

I THINK this one is going back to Marty?
Let me know, as it is ready to post!

I followed Aggo's lead here with a bit of journey drawing, which helped me pass time on the long train journey from my bit of the world in Scotland to London, one very hot, muggy and grimy day.
There are more drawings overleaf - but I'll keep them a surprise.
It strikes me that everyone looks so miserable when they are travelling - but that could just be the train network in the UK!

Moly 1 is back on track! I have not received any other sketchbooks for this - am I due any?


Beá Meira said...

Great, Jill!
I was surprise to found this post today. Beatiful pages, diferent places, text, landscapes, things, people. You really cath your movement journey.

Marty Harris said...

Wonderful entry! I get it next. Hey Beá, I know we had agreed early that we would only see each book once. Problem is that the entries aren't all big enough to fill the book. Do you mind if we just keep exchanging them until each book is full? Let each person do as much as they care to in each book.

Beá Meira said...

No. I don´t mind about to exchange until each book to be full. Of course it must be full. let´s exchange more!

Ollif said...

WOW! Guys, this entry is just AMAZING!!! (= so many details)

Marty Harris said...

I got this book yesterday. A very interesting book, indeed! What did you all think about senyol's breathtaking entry? There are 6 or 7 pages remaining before this book is completely done. I'm thinking of finishing it off, and scanning the entire book. Beá, you really haven't seen this book, yet. This means scanning nearly 6 meters of sketchbook, 2.9 meters per side. That's right front and back will be filled. This might be the first finished book of moly_x.

We should talk soon about whether we all want to continue with new books. Please let me know if you plan to continue with this group, if you'd like to be part of another group, or you are done with with this project. I am so grateful for your participation, for having this opportunity to meet you all. Personally, I would like to continue moly_x_1 with any of you that care to stay. If one of you wishes not to continue we can invite another artist. No pressure.

In advance, thank you Jill. Thank you, senyol. Thank you Aggo. And special thanks for to Beá, for helping to get this whole thing started.

Beá Meira said...

Hi, Marty.
I would like to see this book. Is this my or yours book? I don´t remember anymore!
Yes, I want to continue. In this group or in other. I feel we din´t exchange to much images. I din´t make many pages, and I would like to do more.

Where is the others book?
Are they with Senyol, waiting for his exibition?

Marty Harris said...

Hi, Beá.

This book is yours. You will be surprised by it, I'm certain.

I am thrilled that you would like to continue the exchange. We'll see who else wants to continue. You can always join another group if you want more action. There a lot of interesting artists among the moly_x membership.

Beá Meira said...


Why you don´t post a little peace of the this book?

Marty Harris said...


You should be surprised. You will just have to wait.



Jill Calder said...

YES! I want to continue! I have used this one as my 'go out and draw" book - really loved it.
It is so exciting getting a new sketchbook - just like christmas!